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I forgot to add this to Monday’s post:

In an effort to meet the goal of getting one hundred likes for the Facebook page by the end of August, I have decided to hold a small contest.

The hundredth person to “like” the Facebook page for That Girl Who Reads Books will receive their choice of any one of the books that I’ve already read for the blog—with the exception of The Hobbit and Richard Scarry’s Best Story Book Ever, as these are not mine to give away.

If you’re wondering how I will know who the hundredth person is, Facebook shows an amazing number of statistics. Like how many people are talking about the page, how many people saw the posts, how many of the views were organic and how many were viral, and a count of those who like the page in order. The statistics are sorta amazing, and remind me of Malcom Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point.

Husband thinks this contest will deter people from liking the page, as they will hold back to try to be the hundredth person. I hope this will not be the case because the contest ends September 1, 2012.

For those of you who were amongst the first ten people to have liked the Facebook page, I know who you are!  You won a small token of my appreciation, and I will be messaging you soon to see how best to deliver that item to you.

If you already like the Facebook page, I realize that this may not benefit you, but perhaps it will be of advantage to one of your friends. Thank you for your support.

The blog post for the book I read this week will be up later this evening/afternoon.


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  1. Thanks, Charlie. I still have not returned to Facebook. I think I liked your site when I was still on Facebook. Anyway, I don’t need any more books. I have given most of them to my son and have donated others. I am now reading John Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley”. –Steven

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