Common Grackle

Laffy Taffy joke:

Why did the sock monster cross the road?

To stink up the town.

This made me laugh a lot more than it should have because it makes no sense.

Now for some bad news. It’s September 3rd and my Facebook contest is officially over. I did not meet my goal of reaching 100 likes by September 1st, so unfortunately, no one wins a book.

Boo. Hiss.

The good news? I’ve decided to donate The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern Worldby Lewis Hyde to my local library because they don’t have it in their current collection. The first ten people that liked the Facebook page will be receiving a small (sur)prize in the mail sometime this week. I would like to thank everyone for the continual support and kind words with this writing endeavor. It means everything to me.


As for a book post, you’ll have to wait until Thursday this week because I am taking Labor Day off . . . actually, after Thursday’s post I won’t be posting again until September 25th because I am going to be out of the country doing writing research. Do not fret! During this time, some amazing guest bloggers will be taking over while I’m away. Posts should still pop up on Mondays and Thursdays while I’m away.

I hope you had a wonderful summer. (I realize the autumn equinox is not until September 22nd, but I’ve always felt like this was the last weekend of summer.) Here’s to kiddie pools, bomb-pops, fireworks, sandy feet, humming birds, summer gardens, ice cream trucks, strip-n-go-nakeds (what?), shorts, flip-flops, and tan lines.

Happy Labor Day!  It’s the epitome of an American holiday. I love celebrating workers by not working, don’t you?



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