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I have a gust blogger this week, my best friend M. I let her take over my blog because I promised her, many a time, that I would join a book club with her. Well, that, and I love her. This is her first time ever blogging. She’s an optometrist by day and an avid New Yorker reader by night.  Be sure to give her ‘likes’ and leave her lots of comments. I know she has a lot to talk about when it comes to this book.


“Let’s start a book club!”  This was the wonderful idea that my best, C, and I had about two years ago.  Many books were started, many were mentioned, many more were purchased, and some were even read without the others participation.  But only one was completed by both and discussed by our great minds.

And how lucky were we that it was Invisible Monsters, by Chuck Palahniuk. I give a big high five to D for the recommendation.  It certainly gave us a lot to talk about.  What I find most interesting is that after reading the book, a moment occurred for each of us separately. A moment of, “what the heck did I just read?”

Invisible Monsters took us through the journey of the narrator, a former model, who lost half of her face during an accident.  It introduced us to characters that constantly try to be the most unique and dysfunctional, all the while commenting on how unoriginal the world is.  Their desperate drive for substance and originality created a space in which they all start to unfortunately be very much the same.

So we asked ourselves, “was that the message?”  Was the whole point of this flash back, flash forward, flash present plot to reveal to us how easily it is for us to be consumed with trying to be the most original, the one set apart?

An even better question was what was the main characters name?  We were able to name every character but her.  Were we just absent-minded readers with too much on our minds?  Is the author really that clever?  Was that the whole point!?!

To our surprise, looking back, she did have a name.  I felt that I had read this book cautiously as I wanted to be able to discuss it with my fellow book-clubee.  I thought that I had taken the time to really think about the main issues and what message was trying to be slammed into my mind.  Not once, reading this novel of 297 pages, did I even realize that I couldn’t indentify her real name.  And that is what makes this a great book in my opinion.  This novel has many levels that a reader can choose to delve into, and whether those were the intentions of the author or not, it succeeds in enticing you to give it another read.  Well done, Mr. Palahniuk. Well done.

Thank you for having me as your guest blogger this week.  I can now only further appreciate how difficult it is to put all the thoughts and feelings about a book into more than 200, but less than 700 words.  You’re amazing C! On to the next one.


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3 responses to “ISBN: 0-393-31929-6

  1. Great review! I’ll definitely be checking out this book – thanks for recommending it!

  2. Invisible Monsters is easily one of my favorite books; I’ve been thinking of going back and re-reading it yet again. So great to come across a review that reflects a lot of the reactions I had on my first read, too, and that appreciates it as much as I do.

  3. I have no idea what this book is actually about, but I’m interested.

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